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About Campo Moulding



It has been an absolute pleasure serving you and your picture frame moulding needs over the last 20 years! We are a relationship-focused company and like many of you, started with nothing but a dream. We understand how fast-paced our industry has become and how important excellent communication and quick service is to you. We focus our attention and energy on keeping things simple and efficient while providing you the highest quality polystyrene picture frame mouldings at the best possible price.

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Wholesale Moulding FAQs

What type of mouldings do you sell?

We like to keep things simple and focused at Campo Moulding. We specialize in providing you with wholesale high-quality polystyrene picture frame mouldings of various sizes and finishes. We currently do not have wood or MDF mouldings at this time.


What quantities can I order?

We are always here to help no matter how big or small your need. We are able to fulfill orders ranging from one box to full truck loads.

What length are your mouldings?

All our mouldings are 9’5” long.

When will my order ship?

We make every effort to ship orders the same day they are received.  All orders are shipped F.O.B. from our warehouse in Atlanta.

Can you make a custom moulding?

Of course! There are minimum footage requirements that apply. Just contact us to discuss the details of your custom moulding needs.

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